THANK YOU: 15 of Our Favorite Thoughts on Gratitude

  Gratitude is special…magical. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. We searched far and wide for our favorite thoughts on gratitude. Don’t see your favorite gratitude quote on the list? Share it in the comments section!                  

Lentil Veggie Pot Pie with Sweet Potato Crust

Looking for a delicious vegetarian dish to cook up for Thanksgiving? Look no further! Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD has you covered!           Lentil Veggie Pot Pie with Sweet Potato Crust Serves 8-10. Contains Eggs. Sweet Potato Crust Ingredients: 2 C whole

More than Stretching: Five Other Reasons Thai Massage is Good for You

Submitted by Vanessa Hazzard, LMT Thai Massage has been known for its dynamic stretches, since becoming popular in the United States in the 1990s. It looks more like yoga than what we in the west consider to be massage therapy. In fact, it is often

Peanut Pumpkin Seed Butter

Not sure what to do with all the pumpkin seeds you pulled out of your jack-o-lantern? Here’s a delicious and nutritious idea from Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD.  November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month! Peanut butter is one of those foods that is so easy to

Regularity Is a Key to Health

Submitted by: Dr. Vishnu Aragona Ayurveda is not only a healthcare system, a sick-care system, but also a preventative system. It shows us that Vata, Pitta, and Kapha predominant individuals are prone towards certain conditions. Seasonally, Vata, begins in fall to early winter. At this

Fall Fun Savory Soup (Ayurvedic Recipe)

Submitted by: Dr. Vishnu Aragona The weather has shifted (finally) and it’s a great time to make a shift in the kitchen as well…to soups! One dish wonders – you can pack a lot into a soup.         INGREDIENTS 2 cups of

Supply and Demand

Submitted by: Dr. Vishnu Aragona We expect a lot from our bodies but do we give it the right foundation to provide us with what we need. Does the body get adequate nutrients? In Ayurveda, we say “we are what we digest” not “we are

Free Yogathon & Open House October 14th

Win One Month of Unlimited Yoga Classes! Our friends at Sat Nam Yoga are offering 20 free classes on Oct 14 and are giving away 7 FREE 1-Month passes to celebrate their 7th anniversary. Happy Birthday Sat Nam Yoga!   ENTER BELOW!      

End of Summer: Beginning of Fall

Submitted by: Dr. Vishnu Aragon Summer is coming to a close over the next few weeks. There was a lot of fun to be had these past few months and now we transition into a different season with activities that invite us more inward. It’s

How to Set Up Your Own Yoga Service Class

Submitted by Kate Rice Are you a yoga teacher hoping to teach yoga in prisons, at shelters, or to at-risk youth? Starting a yoga service class is no small task. Learn about trauma informed yoga and find ideas on next steps below. 1. Decide who